An Ethical and Entrepreneurial Approach to Strategic Sourcing

Our Guiding Principles

Source One is unique among Procurement Services Providers. Our principled approach provides value well beyond cost saving.

Guidelines for Principled Procurement

Source One is a tech-enabled, industry-recognized, and completely independent third-party consultant. We built our reputation over two decades ago by offering principled, ethical Procurement services. We produced results then, and we haven’t stopped since.

Unlike other Procurement Services Providers, Source One Never Accepts referral fees, agency fees or commissions from suppliers. We work exclusively on behalf of our clients and ensure they are getting the best value for their procurement initiatives.

Our Guiding Principles:


A Different Kind of Procurement Services Provider:

The lowest price isn’t always the best one. Large Procurement BPOs and other consulting firms pride themselves on bargain pricing for their sourcing services. Focusing exclusively on the bottom line, however, leads these consultants to miss out on the particular needs of their clients. Source One’s Procurement team knows that value and price are not synonymous. Our services are not the least expensive, but we think you’ll agree they’re the best. We offer a dedicated support team that will tailor their every move to fit the exact needs and specifications of your company.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Procurement. Stop hiring service providers who act like there is.

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Ethical Procurement Services

The Procurement and Strategic Sourcing experts at Source One are a team like no other. Our uniquely ethical, transparent, and client-friendly approach to our business has set us apart as an industry leader. We produce best-in-class results without sacrificing integrity.

A History of Success

Source One has defined excellence in procurement and Strategic Sourcing for over two decades. A lot has changed since we opened our doors, but our ethical and expert approach to client engagements has not. Learn more about how we’ve set ourselves apart since 1992.

The Source One Story

Contingency-Based Procurement

Source One’s Procurement consultants enable clients to leverage their full of suite of Procurement services through a contingency-based pricing model. We won’t charge hidden fees or try to pair with our favorite suppliers. Instead, we’ll thoroughly assess your Procurement function, diagnose the appropriate next steps, and produce guaranteed savings.

Risk-Free Procurement Services

Sustainable Procurement Services

Many Procurement teams are convinced that the green option is always the more expensive one. Source One’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing consultants take pride in disproving these notions. We’re regularly honored for our success in identifying solutions that are both cost-effective and environmentally sound. Clients trust us to help meet their goals for both savings and sustainability.

Green Strategic Sourcing

Industry Recognized Procurement

Source One’s efforts to promote sustainable purchasing haven’t gone unnoticed. Our consultants are perennial recipients of Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s Green Supply Chain Award. Our ethical, forward-thinking approach to Procurement has not only produced results for our clients, but has helped set us distinguish ourselves as industry leaders.

Awards for Procurement Excellence

Corporate Social Responsibility

Source One’s Procurement consultants consider community service an important component of their service offering. They regularly collaborate to serve non-profits and other charitable organizations throughout the Chicago and Philadelphia areas. It’s all part of building world-class Procurement Services Provider.

Socially Responsible Procurement Team

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