The Source One Difference in Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Why Choose Source One?

Procurement Negotiations

Building a partnership with a provider comes down to far more than a good price. Source One’s contracting and negotiations experts have learned this over decades of building and nurturing strong supplier relationships. We’ll serve as an advocate for your organization throughout the contracting process to ensure you achieve win-win agreements and more strategic relationships with your providers.

Contracting Services? for Procurement

Procurement Help Desk

Today’s highly-strategic Procurement groups require a new kind of support model. Source One’s flexible, on-demand Procurement Help Desk is exactly what they need. Tailored to address evolving risk factors, the Procurement Help Desk provides access to Source One’s full arsenal of Procurement resources for about the cost of a single hire. If traditional outsourcing models have disappointed your organization in the past, you might want to consider giving the Help Desk a call.

On-Demand Procurement Services

Procurement Transformation

At Source One, we’re committed to elevating the Procurement function and empowering clients to generate greater value. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of Procurement Transformation services. Our team knows what it takes to build a world-class Procurement unit. We’ll immerse ourselves in your organization, assess Procurement’s strong and weak points, and work to build an actionable roadmap for taking the function to the next level.

Optimize Procurement?

Procurement Training Services

Developing a high-value, strategic Procurement function starts with training the function’s people. Our Procurement and Sourcing training experts excel at designing customized training programs and materials to build the next generation of Supply Management leaders. Whether you’re looking to update an existing system or rebuild your training programs from scratch, trust Source One’s team to provide for long-term professional growth and a new standard of excellence.

Build a World-Class Procurement Team?


Do You Need Help? Understaffed? Tight on Time? Need Market Research? Have Seemingly Unreachable Savings Targets? Get Help From The Leading Procurement Service Provider, Source One.

strategic_sourcing_helpStrategic Sourcing, it’s what we do.

Unlike many other providers, Strategic Sourcing is not just part of our offering, it is our offering. We’re not generalized consultants that get assigned to procurement projects, we are a highly specialized company, focused on providing resources, processes and intelligence to procurement in order to ensure the highest value for the dollar spent.

Our entire staff is dedicated specifically to strategic sourcing, spend management, market research and cost reduction initiatives. Source One has a track record of strategic sourcing and cost reduction successes that spans across 3 decades, making it one of the most mature organizations in the supply chain consulting landscape.


Maximizing Savings Can Be Difficult. Do you know…

  • How the prices you are paying compare to other companies of a similar size/industry?
  • That a three-bid RFP process alone virtually guarantees you are paying too much?
  • If your internal sourcing team has the resources to adequately cover all categories?
  • Whether savings are lost because you don’t have the time to get to all categories?
  • The usage, suppliers, specifications and price paid for all categories of spend?
  • What you are spending on beyond the top few categories?
  • Where different regions and divisions are overlapping their spend?
  • Whether negotiated savings are getting to the bottom line?
  • Whether suppliers are billing you accurately and consistently for agreed upon price levels?
  • Whether you have maverick spend?

Source One can help by creating a more efficient, effective and streamlined strategic sourcing solution

  • Unparalleled database of market data including pricing and suppliers
  • Proven, best-in-class process and controls
  • Vertical market commodity expertise
  • Strong negotiating and contracting experience
  • On demand resources that can be flexed, as needed
  • No risk, contingency-based model with shared risks/rewards
  • In country, in region, low cost solutions
  • Overall cost reductions via enhanced process design, automation and external management of services.

Why Source One?

  • Established in 1992, financially sound, fast growing company that has managed to grow despite tough economic conditions.
  • We provide an on-demand team of experts that can supplement your team on special assignments, without the high costs of FTE or daily rate consultants.
  • Average client savings of 18%
  • Savings are found with incumbent supplier in over 97% of all projects
  • Served 300+ clients, including Amergias, GE, Ecolab, Arrow, Universal Health Services, MSC, NVidia
  • Gartner Rated: “Cool Vendor in Procurement & Finance”
  • Awarded “Supply and Demand Chain Executive 100”, multiple years in a row
  • Awarded “ProcureCon Preferred Service Provider”
  • Proven solutions to drive cost reductions via enhanced process design, automation and external management of services
  • Unsurpassed access to Real Time Market Intelligence. Source One collects market pricing from hundreds of companies, not just its own clients
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