Sample Savings Achieved by the Leading Procurement Services Provider

Sample Savings by Category

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Services

Source One can be considered your Procurement General Contractor.

With Source One, you do not need to manage multiple companies for your Strategic Sourcing Initiatives.

See Cost Reduction Results We average 18% savings across all spend categories. In most cases, clients do not need to switch suppliers.


Source One focuses exclusively on Strategic Sourcing, and through our internal resources and massive network of partners, we have the single source solution to every procurement requirement that your business may have.

Source One is committed to increasing visibility of procurement projects and assisting in the development of procurement best practices. To assist in leading this initiative, Source One has released a free whitepaper titled “Advanced Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Engagement.”

From Benchmarking to complete Procurement Process Redesign Services, Source One has the resources to help you get the job done.

Contact Source One today for help with Strategic Sourcing.

Examples of Savings Achieved through Strategic Sourcing

Recent strategic sourcing projects with our clients have averaged 18% savings across all commodities.

Below are sample categories, commodities, and average savings percentages that we have collaboratively produced with our clients and their suppliers:





Advertising 16% Marketing 19%
Awards & Promotional Items 24% Market Research 50%
Background Checks 28% Merchant Accounts 23%
Banking/Finance 17% MRO Services 12%
BPO Services 7% MRO Supplies 19%
Cafeteria Services/Food 5% Multi-functional Devices 25%
Chemicals 15% Natural Gas 9%
Collections Outsourcing 18% Office Furniture 12%
Construction Materials 8% Office Supplies 14%
Containers 16% Packaging Supplies 11%
Corrugated 12% Payroll Services 11%
Data Analytics 7% Printing & Forms 13%
Direct Materials 8% Propane 25%
Electricity 8% Publications & Newsletters 27%
Equipment Leasing 5% Recruiting 8%
Facility Maintenance 20% Relocation Services 9%
Fleet Management 12% Security Services 8%
Fuel 8% Small Parcel 17%
Hazardous Material Removal 20% Software 28%
Industrial Equipment 12% Telecom Equipment Leasing 24%
Ink & Toner Supply 18% Telecommunications Services 28%
Insurance 12% Temporary Staffing 24%
Invoice Outsourcing 11% Transcription & Translation 14%
IT Services 11% Travel 12%
Janitorial 18% Truckload Freight 12%
LMS/Training 34% Uniforms 28%
LTL Freight 23% Waste Removal 14%
Lubes & Greases 8% Wireless 30%


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