Market Research and Intelligence

Market Research and Intelligence

Market Research For Supply Chain and Procurement


Market intelligence is a critical component in lowering your supply chain costs, driving new business, strategy development, and managing efficiencies. Having an adept partner for conducting market research for your procured goods and services is critical to the efficiency of your supply chain.

Great ideas and innovative business strategies are less apt for success without having a solid understanding of whether a market even exists or whether it is the right time to pursue a new supply chain partner. You need an effective market research team with the right skills to navigate the supply chain market intelligence landscape so that you make the most of your information and data. Our procurement market research experts provide detailed insight into supply market trends, the suppliers community and even your competitors.

Our Procurement and Supply Chain Market Research Services Can Help:

In order for your business to remain competitive, it is important to align sourcing strategy to overall business objectives. To do so, organizations need in-depth insight into market conditions, such as competitive intelligence and industry-wide trending. Source One’s market research services not only effectively collect the data needed to tackle your challenges, but we also partner with you to develop supply chain and procurement strategies based on this data to help solve the problem at hand.

Our procurement and supply chain market research spans hundreds of categories and markets, and has been used for a variety of reports. A sampling of those reports includes:

Procurement and Supply Chain Market Research Services: Supply Stability

A leading industrial coatings company sought Source One’s market research services in order to better understand the global supply chain specific to their greatest direct material spend. They needed to ensure a competitive price and stable supply for the purchase of this product, which had a highly volatile market structure and thus required a unique procurement strategy. As a result of our rigorous market research, Source One identified key trends in the pricing and supply of the product. This allowed our team of experts to produce valuable cost containment and effective supply chain strategies that the client was able to apply immediately.

Procurement and Supply Chain Market Research Services: Geographical Research Report

A high volume, high quality manufacturer of hand tools engaged Source One in order to diversify its geographical manufacturing and reduce risks. The market research we conducted helped them identify emerging geographic markets and find elusive suppliers. The market research uncovered suppliers that had the capabilities, capacity and quality at the lowest possible prices. Ultimately the manufacturer was able to reduce risk with a multi-supplier strategy and eliminate issues with intellectual property theft from the suppliers and countries it had been historically dealing with.

Procurement and Supply Chain Market Research Services: Competitive Make-vs-Buy Report

Source One was contracted by a Fortune 100 global diversified manufacturer to conduct market research on their competitors’ supply chain structures and strategies. Source One was able to help one of the world’s largest manufacturers identify its competitors’ supply chain patterns, their sourcing and operating strategies, and the trends that will be shaping the client’s market for years to come. This information was utilized by the manufacturer to better formulate their future sourcing and make-vs-buy decisions.

Procurement and Supply Chain Market Research Services: Competitive Intelligence and Strategy

A large global pharmaceutical company facing an impending patent cliff needed Source One’s market research services to minimize the negative consequences of patent expiration. Their goal was to develop competitive intelligence based on historical trends in that area. Our market research team presented an in-depth analysis of the patent cliff, its implications on competitors, cross-industry examples, and recommendations for reducing the impact on the organization using in-house resources and expertise.

Procurement and Supply Chain Market Research: B.O.M. and Supplier Identification

One of the world’s most prominent and diversified manufacturers sought the market research services of Source One to help them identify existing sources of supply that their competitors may be using for key components in their industrial machinery product line. Our engineering and supply chain research capabilities allowed us to deconstruct portions of the competitors’ bill of materials and identify their primary partners, manufacturing geographies and key suppliers that their competitors were using to build their own equipment.

Source One’s procurement and supply chain market research services can be the start of a full sourcing engagement or category initiative, or used to supplement active internal efforts. The right market intelligence can be at your fingertips when partnering with the leading strategic sourcing consulting firm. Whatever your individual business needs are, let Source One be that partner for your organization.

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Market Research Sources

Real Time Market Intelligence

Source One has been providing strategic sourcing services for more than two decades. Our database of historical prices, market conditions, and prices is unparalleled in the industry.

Cross-Industry Expertise?

Source One works in just about every industry. We collect data and information from similar industries and tangential technologies and can leverage that information into useful data to help companies in any industry.

Sourcing Tools and Datasets?

Our e-sourcing technologies are in use by companies throughout the world. Every day, companies are running sourcing events and collecting data using our tools. Our access to that data allows us to quickly identify shifting market conditions on a global basis. We are able to transform this raw data into concise reports that will meet your needs.

Supplier Fed?

As a leading Procurement Service Provider, suppliers realize the large market of opportunity our clients possess. Therefore, they are constantly feeding us data and information, sometimes months in advance of a product launch, in order for us to introduce that information to our clients.


Simply put, we have more time to focus on our initiatives. We don’t have to deal with the day-to-day trials of managing your business, so we can focus exclusively on the tasks you need us to perform. We also have the in-house expertise to efficiently sort through the vast amounts of available data in order to supply the most effective market intelligence catered to your needs.

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