Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management

Source One Enhances Supply Chain Value

Cross-Category Savings

Organizations realize significant, hard-dollar savings for every category Source One helps them manage. The opportunities to enhance your supplier value are infinite, if you know how to identify them. Let Source One do the digging for you, and never wonder if you’re missing a savings opportunity again.Strategic Sourcing Savings

Results that Last

After your organization achieves savings, your work isn’t over. Source One’s experts ensure your savings remain with audit and compliance services, resolving any discrepancies or hiccups as your suppliers complete the transition.Industry Leading Results

Supplier Value Optimization through Source One's Supplier Relationship Management Service Offerings

Supplier Relationship Management Program Services

Advance your Procurement, Supply Chain, and Sourcing Operations by Getting the Most through innovative Supplier, Vendor, and Third Party Relationship Management

Managing the suppliers, vendors, and third parties that support your business with products and services is essential in securing your operational success. As companies needs evolve alongside growth, regulatory drivers, austerity, etc., supplier relationship management can become a cumbersome and complicated task. Lack of consistent management and communications with key vendors can decrease contract value while exposing the business to risk.While traditionally involved with suppliers just to the point of contract negotiations, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement is now often charged with driving greater value from external business relationships throughout the contract life cycle. However, without established methodologies to closely monitor supplier activity post-sourcing, vendor activities are loosely managed against contract terms and key performance indicators (KPIs). The buying organization needs a structure that provides guidance in efficiently managing supplier relationships to improves performance, address risk, and ensures ROI.

A Structured Approach to Supplier and Third Party Management

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) works on a common set of practices and processes that drive consistent interactions and open communications between the supplier and buyer. Much more than providing a set of tools that refine department operations, SRM programs build new capabilities that enable Strategic Sourcing and Procurement to make the most of their supplier relationships. As a recognized leading procurement services provider, Source One helps companies create and manage successful SRM programs by providing the guidance and resources to tackle these complex initiatives.

Our exclusive supplier relationship management consulting services include:

Staff Augmentation for Supplier Relationship Management

Taking a more proactive and in-depth approach in managing suppliers puts additional strain on your internal procurement resources, and many companies struggle to conjure the time and expertise to manage an SRM program. From its pool of experienced resources, Source One can augment Strategic Sourcing and Procurement departments in providing the guidance, best practices, or structure for an SRM program.

Supplier Management Staff Aug Services Learn more about how Source One can supplement your resources for Supplier Relationship Management.

Supplier Performance Management and Governance

To get the most from vendor contracts while building stronger strategic relationships, supplier performance management drives a consistent way to interact and manage critical suppliers throughout every stage of a contract. Using established supplier governance mechanisms that include processes, principles, communications, and other tools, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement can monitor performance and service against metrics, validate delivery of contractual obligations, and enact policies that reward exceptional performance and address deficiencies.

Being more proactively involved with vendors throughout the entire relationship, companies can identify and act on optimization opportunities and even tap more deeply into a supplier’s expertise to the point of developing joint ventures. Source One can provide the leadership to outline and implement a supplier relationship management program that adds value to the contract lifecycle and encourages positive interaction with suppliers.

3rd Party Performance Management Learn more about Source One’s Supplier Performance Management expertise.

Supplier Relationship Management Advisory Services

Not all Strategic Sourcing departments have the right experience with supplier relationship management programs or can spare the resources to research and outline an SRM strategy. Where internal experience does not exist, Source One offers its experienced resources to support a particular aspect – or the entire scope – of an SRM program.

3rd Party Relationship Management Services Advisory Learn more about Source One’s experience in SRM program implementation.

Supplier Risk Management Services

Lack of compliance to laws and regulations can result in financial penalties, and security breaches of company and customer information can damage a company’s reputation and ultimately its bottom line. Working within a solid risk and control framework established as part of a supplier relationship management program, companies can ensure activities meet relevant regulations and maintain security of proprietary information.Source One understands the control processes necessary for managing both internal and supplier risk. We can also create disaster recovery and data backup plans to insure operations against the loss of information as a result of an unprecedented event.

3rd Party Risk Management Learn more about Source One’s results in Supplier Risk Management.

Third Party Management Software Advisory and Sourcing

SRM software provides an extra layer of management that helps organize supplier activity. While extremely useful, these tools do not serve as single solutions and must be accompanied with a well planned SRM program. If SRM software already supports your supply management activities, Source One can optimize its use to best support your refined strategy. If your organization hasn’t yet defined its supplier management software solution, we are also experienced in sourcing best-in-class SRM platforms to automate and control your processes.

3rd Party Management Software Consulting Learn more about Source One’s Supplier Management Software Sourcing expertise.

Take control of supplier relations. Let Source One’s Supplier Relationship Management Experts help you optimize your vendor and third party management programs.

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