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Sourcing and Procurement Services

Results-Producing Sourcing and Procurement Services by Source One

Source One provides clients with innovative Sourcing and Procurement Services. Through these supply chain services, we help companies to achieve both monetary savings and improved supplier relationships. We offer a variety of value-added services, including Category Management, Contingency Based Cost Reduction, Contracting, Negotiations, Strategic Sourcing Services, and more.

Procurement Services Overview

With unmatched industry experience and a rich history of developing procurement best practices and processes, Source One has helped many organizations attain billions of dollars in savings in both direct and indirect spend categories. We are committed to fostering efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility in our clients’ supply chains, and ultimately delivering impactful and sustainable results.

Learn more about Source One’s premier Procurement Services offerings.

Category Management

In order to execute a successful sourcing project, it is essential to have an extensive knowledge of the spend category under consideration. At Source One, our team of experts is well-versed and experienced in all facets of category management. Our professionals have category-specific knowledge in areas such as IT, Telecom, Marketing, Finance, HR, Freight/Logistics, MRO, Utilities, and many more.

Learn more about our firm’s expertise in Category Management.

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction

Source One provides clients with a wide variety of fee options in exchange for our strategic sourcing services. While flat-rate, fee for service options are available, we also offer an unprecedented contingency-based billing solution. With our unique contingency plan, our clients do not pay us until hard-dollar savings are achieved through our best-in-class sourcing initiatives. In addition, we offer hybrid billing solutions to fit the needs of virtually any potential client.

Find out how Source One’s contingency-based cost reduction services offer you a no-risk, high-reward solution.

Contracting & Negotiations

Since we opened our doors, Source One has successfully negotiated thousands of contracts. Additionally, we have amassed an extensive archive of contract terms and price points that can be used to achieve savings quickly. By leveraging market intelligence, we can help our clients achieve positive negotiation results that benefit both the buyers and the suppliers.

Read more about Source One’s skills in contracting and negotiations for best-in-class terms and conditions.

Contractors (On-Site Temp Staffing)

Source One provides temporary staffing to aid with procurement and supply chain projects of various scales. We offer a wide array of on-demand staffing and BPO solutions, and deliver knowledgeable and experienced sourcing professionals to match all of our clients’ unique needs.

Click to learn more about Source One’s temporary labor solutions for supply chain, procurement, and strategic sourcing.

Low Cost Country and Nearshoring

We can help your business to procure items that are produced either domestically or by low-cost country suppliers. In fact, through our far-reaching network of partners, Source One offers locations in many low cost countries, including India, China, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, we have vast experience in Near-Shore procurement, utilizing resources in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and other close-proximity countries.

Find out more about our International and Near-Shore procurement offerings.

Sourcing & Procurement Outsourcing

At Source One, we can help your company to more effectively source materials and services by outsourcing the procurement process. We are able to relieve the pressure on your in-house purchasing staff to more quickly and efficiently achieve savings. Source One can provide scalable, cutting-edge procurement solutions to eliminate long-term fixed costs and meet the needs of any client.

Learn more about how Source One can help you outsource your procurement processes.

Staffing and Recruiting Services

Source One is equipped to offer an array of recruiting solutions to replace or bolster your existing procurement resources. Whether on a temporary or permanent basis, our staffing services provide the right candidates for any supply chain, sourcing, or procurement job.

Discover how Source One can assist you with your Staffing and Recruiting needs.

Strategic Sourcing Overview

Source One is committed to helping our clients achieve savings quickly, while also improving all qualitative aspects of the procurement process. We take a strategic approach to sourcing, harnessing our unique skills and experience to optimize the profitability and sustainability of our clients’ supply chains. Our services include custom industry benchmarking, supplier identification, RFx management, contracting, etc.

Continue reading about strategic sourcing, and how Source One can help you to achieve maximum savings.

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