Sourcing and Procurement Outsourcing Model

Sourcing and Procurement BPO

Sourcing and Procurement Outsourcing: a Hybrid Solution

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement BPO

It’s time to look beyond the traditional BPO.? Our flexible Procurement Business Process Outsourcing Services are fully customizable to meet your unique needs and optimize your procurement organization.??

The traditional BPO model for strategic sourcing and procurement is out of date and inefficient. The reasons to outsource strategic sourcing duties remain valid – getting access to a team of procurement subject matter experts with knowledge of the sourcing industry’s best practices, the lack of ROI associated with adding resources to manage every spend category, and the need to drive savings through headcount reduction of procurement resources, to name a few. But the service offerings provided by many of today’s sourcing and supply chain BPO’s do not properly address those needs in a way that still makes sense for most organizations.

The problem with the traditional Procurement Business Process Outsourcing model is that it is not scalable – it simply trades your existing procurement resources for that of your service provider. Once initial savings are achieved within the strategic sourcing department, the business case for the BPO model goes away. The cost of the outsourced procurement and sourcing resources, however, does not, as many of these strategic sourcing and procurement outsourcing contracts are for a minimum of three to five years. With high costs to implement the procurement and strategic sourcing outsourcing solution, Year One savings do not typically match expectations and rapidly dissipate once achieved. Procurement BPO providers fail to maintain an objective ROI year-over-year, and CFOs and CPOs are starting to question the traditional Procurement Business Process Outsourcing Services model. Top concerns with the traditional procurement BPO model include:

  • An ROI/value by the sourcing BPO solution that is not as high as anticipated
  • Long-term fixed cost structures that do not align with the current sourcing needs of the organization
  • Sourcing BPO alternatives – solutions that are category-based, customized, and scalable – provide for higher savings and lower costs
  • On-demand sourcing BPO alternatives allow companies the flexibility of shifting resources based on present procurement needs

Best-in-class organizations have been trending away from the traditional Source-to-Pay BPO model when outsourcing strategic sourcing. Having 100% access to a large pool of sourcing professionals is not needed because once sourcing for a category is complete, the need for the ongoing resource is greatly reduced until a contract comes up for renewal again. Customized, scalable procurement operations outsourcing solutions – where resources go where they are needed and are not long-term fixed expenditures – provide higher ROI in terms of overall savings as well as costs. These flexible, on-demand procurement outsourcing models are also typically more aligned with a customer’s needs, and provide access to on-demand, real-time market insight and the ability to rapidly deploy third-party sourcing resources where they are needed the most.

We understand that a strategic sourcing and procurement BPO services solution must be adaptable to the needs and objectives of the individual client. Source One aligns our metrics to those of our clients – our third-party strategic sourcing programs providing a scalable set of procurement resources that maximize savings without the need for ongoing, long-term fixed costs. Our pool of strategic sourcing subject matter experts understand the specific nuances of each spend category, and focus on providing on-demand support for your procurement objectives by identifying savings opportunities, capitalizing on economies of scale, then moving to the next area of opportunity.

At Source One, we believe strategic sourcing and procurement groups are more than just bid administrators or corporate negotiators. Best-in-class companies use their sourcing groups strategically, gaining a competitive advantage in the industry and using them to gain access to new products and innovation, optimize supply chains, and exploit capacity restraints to disrupt competition. Our flexible procurement and strategic sourcing solutions, including our Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Business Process Outsourcing? model, provide the tools and technologies, best practices, and market intelligence to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.? Streamline your procurement organization, optimize your procurement processes, and reduce overall costs by leveraging the support of our team today!?

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