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Strategic Sourcing Savings

With Source One’s strategic sourcing services, organizations realize savings not only in IT but in all areas of operations. Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll help you capitalize on every savings opportunity and pave the way for sustaining your company’s competitive edge.

Cross-Category Savings

Industry-Leading Strategic Sourcing Results

Achieving savings in the short-term is fantastic. Sustaining savings into the future is even better. After we identify and gain savings, we make sure those savings remain by managing supplier relationships, purchasing processes, and cost structures. With Source One, you win the battle, then you win the war.

Strategic Sourcing Results


IT Strategic Sourcing Services By Source One

Strategic Sourcing Services for IT

Source One is the leading Procurement Services Provider, helping organizations optimize their IT spend to achieve savings, improve supplier relationships, and implement the best possible IT products and services.

Source One’s IT sourcing experts enhance the capabilities of your IT and procurement departments by providing on-demand resources and market intelligence to increase sourcing efficiency and maximize savings. Our strategic sourcing team can analyze your contracts and spend across your IT portfolio to pinpoint opportunities to improve quality and efficiency and reduce costs.

Our exclusive IT strategic sourcing and procurement consulting services will help you achieve and sustain spend effectiveness and efficiency for the following IT categories:

Business Intelligence

To gain insight and make better, actionable decisions, you need solid data. Providing historical and real-time reporting to facilitate better prediction and response, business intelligence and analytics help you manage your organization’s performance.

Strategic Sourcing for Business Intelligence Find out how Source One is the leader in Strategic Sourcing for Business Intelligence.

Data Center Management

Leading companies know to manage data as an asset – planning, programming, budgeting, and executing as they do with facilities, capital, and staff. Whether on-site or remote, you need security, redundancy, and flexibility in your data centers. Source One will help you develop your data center management requirements, then locate the best service providers at the best cost.

Strategic Sourcing for Data Center Management Learn more about Source One’s expertise in Strategic Sourcing for Data Center Management.

IT Managed Services

Outsourcing your IT service management can pose a huge risk for your organization, if done hastily. Trust our decades of experience to make sure you find not just providers – but partners. Source One augments your IT staff and works with internal stakeholders to identify and develop business partnerships to ensure you never worry about your IT operations again.

Strategic Sourcing for IT Managed Services Learn about Source One’s success in Strategic Sourcing for IT Managed Services.

Help Desk Services

Help desk services providers are required to blend with your organizational culture, understand your enterprise and its hardware and applications, and manage the tickets using the right variety of tools. If you need to replace or supplement your in-house or outsourced help desk functions, Source One can help.

Strategic Sourcing for Help Desk Services Source One has the experience to guide your organization through Strategic Sourcing for Help Desk Services.

Hosting, Colocation, and Cloud Services

In your data infrastructure, you need dependability, security, and agility to meet your continually shifting business challenges and opportunities. Rely on Source One to help you minimize your risk and identify the most qualified providers to develop a highly dependable data infrastructure.

Strategic Sourcing for Hosting, Colocation, and Cloud Services Learn more about how Source One can help you manage Strategic Sourcing for Hosting, Colocation, and Cloud Services.

Software, Web, and App Development

The necessary investment of software, web, and application development can become an evil if managed incorrectly. Industry leaders come to Source One’s software, web, and application development sourcing experts because we grasp the technical aspects of development projects. We’ll help you manage the process to source and select the ideal software, web, or app developer

Strategic Sourcing for Software, Web, and App Development Find out more about Source One’s innovative approach to Strategic Sourcing for Software, Web, and App Development.

Software Licensing and Maintenance

Keeping up-to-date on all the cutting edge programs and upgrades is dizzyingly costly. What recourse do you have when suppliers change their licensing model, increase their maintenance costs, or discontinue support? Let Source One help you proactively manage these hurdles and reduce your spend and total cost of ownership.

Strategic Sourcing for Software Licensing and MaintenanceContact us today for advice on implementing Strategic Sourcing for Software Licensing and Maintenance in your organization.


Source One can provide visibility into your company’s telecommunications framework, helping you identify opportunities for cost savings from both your voice and data service suppliers. Our telecom sourcing team provides the on-demand resources you need to improve upon your telecom technology, pricing and supplier management.

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Services for Telecommunications Find out more about Source One’s Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Services for Telecommunications.

Unified Communications

Disparate teams call for disparate measures, and enabling all your employees to communicate synchronously or asynchronously while managing costs is challenging. Our Unified Communications sourcing experts know the critical of ensuring security and support for these business enablers. Let Source One help you get the best prices from the best suppliers.

Strategic Sourcing for Unified CommunicationsContact us today for advice on Strategic Sourcing for Unified Communications.

Video Conferencing

The costs to acquire, maintain, support and renew your video conferencing solutions can make you question the benefits of the service in the first place. Source One’s video conferencing sourcing experts will guide you through all phases of finding the best services at the best prices – analyzing your spend, benchmarking, going to market, contracting, and negotiation. Our video conferencing sourcing experts can help you get this category under management.

Strategic Sourcing for Video Conferencing Services Find out more about Source One’s experience in Strategic Sourcing for Video Conferencing Services.

Source One’s IT sourcing solutions advance your IT program management.

We identify and negotiate with suppliers, but also remain involved to make sure your suppliers comply with terms and conditions. We’ll also grant you access to proprietary cross-industry market data and share our decades of sourcing knowledge and lessons-learned from the most successful organizations worldwide.

Let Source One’s IT Strategic Sourcing Experts help you optimize your IT program management.

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