Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitality

Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitality

Strategic Sourcing for Hotels, Restaurants and the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality operations and hotel/restaurant/guest services purchasing departments are tasked with reducing costs while supporting daily operations to ensure a high level of guest satisfaction.

Implementing a strategic sourcing initiative for operating supplies and equipment into a hotel’s purchasing process allows hotel purchasing managers to expand their budget while building strategic, long-term relationships with suppliers that ensure consistent quality and availability of OS&E products and services needed to run daily hotel operations. With a focus on supplier alliances, hotel purchasing groups will be able to expand beyond a tactical role in procuring hospitality supplies to acting as strategic members of a hotel’s organization.

Our team of sourcing professionals act as an extension of your hotel or restaurant’s purchasing department.? They’ll not only save you time and money, but will help create an integrated supply chain with strategic partnerships critical to your hotel or restaurant’s business goals and objectives.

Source One’s team of professional and experienced purchasing project managers is your single resource for multiple responsibilities including strategic sourcing, procurement, and delivery coordination. Our conceptual budgets help you cost out each OS&E item and our understanding of your hotel and restaurant operations allows us to optimize purchasing schedules and provide cash-flow projections aid planning. We work on your behalf to accrue the operating supplies your business needs while establishing and improving vendor relationships.

Source One’s experts can help reduce costs and improve supplier relationships in the following categories:

By utilizing an expert sourcing team, hotels and restaurants are better able to reduce operating supply costs and optimize supplier relationships without having to resort to excessive restructuring and personnel reduction which could inhibit guest satisfaction and business growth.

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Capital Project Savings Strategies

A variety of savings strategies can be used to assist hotels and restaurants with FF&E sourcing initiatives.

Source One can tailor its FF&E sourcing services to fit your hotel or restaurant needs for new construction or renovation projects. Our team of subject-matter experts work alongside your hotel or restaurant purchasing department and coordinate with architectural and design teams to develop FF&E purchasing timelines, cash flow projections, logistics, installation, and warehouse coordination. Our team understands the importance of timelines and works with suppliers to expedite FF&E agreements with favorable contract terms and delivery times for our hospitality clients.

By establishing favorable relationships with suppliers, we prepare our hospitality clients for possible replacement projects down the road. Source One can help hotels and restaurants plan for capital replacement projects by working with purchasing teams to create a replacement plan for FF&E including installation, freight, and warehousing costs. Our hospitality sourcing experts can also provide recommendations of reusable furnishings.

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