Sample Spend Categories managed by Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Experts, Source One

Sample Spend Categories

Sample Spend Categories

Source One is a provider of premier supply chain consulting services.? We can help to analyze expenditure and achieve savings in a variety of categories.? Since 1992, our strategic sourcing team has helped dozens of clients to realize savings and increase efficiency in both direct and indirect spend categories.


At Source One, we help our clients to source a wide variety of indirect materials and services.? We can help to improve the procurement process surrounding Benefits and Insurance, Logistics, HR, MRO, Marketing, Professional Services, Utilities, and virtually any other cost category that indirectly factors into company operations.

Direct Materials

Our consultants can help your company to identify vendors and reduce costs for even the most crucial or obscure direct materials.? Source One has decades of experience sourcing raw materials, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible value in their direct supply chains.? In addition, our team has a great deal of skill and knowledge about strategically sourcing Engineered Products (PPV & VAVE) and Contract Manufacturing.

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