Direct Materials and Raw Materials

Direct Materials and Raw Materials

Source One Offers Proven Solutions To Identify High Quality Suppliers Of Direct Goods and Materials From Anywhere In The World.

Strategic Sourcing Services for Direct Materials and Manufactured Assemblies

Since 1992, Source One has helped hundreds of companies identify supply and reduce their costs of direct materials, goods and services. From steel to chemicals and semi-finished machined parts to entire high-end finished assemblies, we have experience in just about every spend category imaginable.

We offer solutions to help you source your direct materials. Low-cost country sourcing, near-shoring, off-shoring, developing nations or local supply, we have sourced it all. We can help with any aspect of your direct materials sourcing initiative, from supplier identification through RFP, negotiations, supplier qualifications & implementation.

Source One understands that the procurement of direct materials must be directly linked to customer satisfaction. If an inexpensive alternate product is in any way inferior to the product it replaces, then the cost saving benefits do not outweigh our customer’s, and their customer’s, ultimate satisfaction.

Our goal is to help you find the right supplier, in the right geography at the right price to deliver you quality and dependable direct goods, direct service and raw materials that you use in your end offering. We are often able to accomplish cost reduction while simultaneously maintaining or improving your quality and lead times.

Example Direct Spend Engagements:

Examples of Direct Material Projects:

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Procurement and Supply Chain Solutions

Complete Spend Management Solutions
Source One offers complete Procurement Transformation Services to companies of all sizes. We can help build a solid supply chain, complete with low costs and high supplier and supplier satisfaction. Our services can help you in any spend category, whether it be direct or indirect spend.

Direct Materials Case Study: Wilton BASH
Faced with rising materials costs, intellectual property issues, logistics and lead time problems and a unique product that few companies have the equipment capable of producing, Wilton Tool tasked Source One the perfect direct materials sourcing challenge.

The Result:

A North American supplier. A 10%+ total manufactured landed cost savings. Reduced lead times. A superior quality product. One really happy customer!

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